Why do you need an insurance agent?

Why do you need an insurance agent?

January 29, 2020

Imagine this….you are given the keys & owner’s manual to a Ford Mustang and asked to reinstall the motor by the end of the week (it’s Tuesday) and you have never even taken Mechanics 101, ever. Crazy, right?!

Now, how would you imagine that entering a few bits of information in an online platform and handing over your hard-earned dollars and cents would provide that you now have the proper insurance coverage? For example, does the computer know that you are a mom of 3 with a mortgage? Does it know that you are a successful business owner with 10 employees? What about that dream home on the beach you just purchased?

Did the computer take that into consideration when it issued your auto or home policy? Will it explain what is covered and not covered at the time of loss? Hmmm…now you are starting to wonder, right?

This is why an agent is so important in the issuance of insurance. A licensed, trained insurance agent learns about you! Your agent learns what lifestyle you are leading, your business goals & insurance needs, what is important in your life when they offer an insurance policy. Yes, we all know we “have to have insurance” but the WHY is so much bigger than the have to. The why is to protect you and your family and/or business, not just write an insurance policy.

Insurance is a People Business

Your agent will develop a personal relationship and learn about you. With time, this relationship will allow for more personalized service for your life and your lifestyle needs. Your agent will review your coverages and be able to offer to you new coverages or better rates as premiums fluctuate in the ever changing insurance industry. Why not let an expert be your agent and not just a random website. You won’t regret having your agent on your team if you ever actually need to use that insurance you “had to have”! Contact us today for an insurance quote and become apart of the family!

So, how’s that engine installation going? Need help yet?